After-School Program

Our program is designed to be fun for the children and convenient for the parents.

Our after school program is designed to be fun for the children and convenient for the parents, because it is taught at your child's school or daycare facility. 

Each class is taught by a qualified instructor who has been trained to work with children. The curriculum is specifically designed for Pre-K thru 5th grade students and focuses on discipline, concentration, self-control, and basic self-defense skills. 

In a society where our schedules are so busy, and family time is hard to come by, parents appreciate the convenience of having a positive activity located on the school grounds. CWKC offers a no-hassle way to make this possible.

• 45 minute class is taught once per week
• Instructor teaches class on school grounds in a space provided
• All instructors are well trained and have experience teaching children
• Besides the physical aspects of karate, students learn valuable life skills such as:
• Respect, Honor, Self-Discipline, Self-Control, and Confidence

Class Structure
All classes are taught with a child’s perception in mind.

Students participate in non-contact activities such as, skill building games, focus drills, & basic karate techniques against imaginary opponents. Instructors are helpful, friendly, and strict when necessary.

Students are rewarded with colored stripes on their belts for outstanding discipline and excellent technique.