What style of martial arts am I learning?
Shotokan Karate - A traditional Japanese Art of self-defense developed by Gichin Funakoshi from Okinawa.

What is the difference between Shotokan and other martial arts?
All styles of martial arts execute techniques in a way to gain maximum power. Some styles may emphasize flexibility and high kicks such as Tae-Kwon Do, others emphasize circular motions such as Kung Fu. Shotokan emphasizes straight linear motions, executing strong punches, strikes, and kicks, while having solid foundation.

What do the black and red stripes on my belt signify?
Black stripes are given for knowledge of the color belt requirements, and red stripes are given in the children´┐Żs program as a reward for outstanding discipline.

What is the order and meaning of the colored belts?
Your belt signifies the amount of wisdom you have of the martial art. White through brown belts are considered KYU level ranks (kyu meaning level or boy). Black belt and the degrees of black are DAN levels (dan meaning advancement or man).

Belt Order: White -Yellow -Orange -Green -Purple -Blue1 -Blue2 -Brown -Brown1
-Brown2 -Brown3 -Shodan-Ho Black (black w/ a white stripe) -Black (there are 10 degrees of Black Belt)

How much does it cost?
We have several different programs that vary in price. Please contact us to discuss which program would be right for you.